Approach & Processes

Design Excellence and Expertise

We specialise in interior and architectural design so you can be rest assured that you are hiring a professional designer trained to create thoughtful and carefully designed spaces. We offer complete design solutions with modern elegance that are rich in ergonomic comfort and beautifully crafted details.

Client-Centred Focus

We take pride in our client-centred approach and listen carefully to your needs and make you an integral part of the team. We are skilled communicators and endeavour to serve you. The success of each project is measured by your level of satisfaction.

Team KDA

The cumulative achievement over the years has been possible due to the unstinting support of our dedicated team and understanding clients. KDA has a team of experienced architects, interior designers, project management professionals and engineers. We continuously work on individual development to raise the bar of creativity, energy, skill, competence and dedication. Our team closely works with technical experts in the field of structural design, electrical engineering, plumbing and HVAC.

Design - The Art Of Detailing

We believe that designs are impressions for life, so, we aim at creating a complete environment that addresses all aspects of life. Our team ensures superior workmanship by paying particular attention to detailing and the client's satisfaction.

Services We Offer !

Design Consultancy

Design & Detailing

Turnkey Consultancy

Design & Execution

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