KDA really has new and innovative designs that meets individual demands. The best part is they get it done in stipulated time. Regarding faith & confidence, Deepali ji, I must say you & your team is worth it & it also says how nicely you & your team helped me to get my home decorated so beautifully thank you so much.
– Ms. Sangeeta Mulchandani

Architecture at its best. Thank you so much,Kunal Bhai and Deepali Ben, you have such a hardworking, sincere and punctual team. We really enjoyed our discussions and outcome as you guided us to fulfill our dreams. Best of Luck for your projects ahead.

Thanks a lot for the hard work and right suggestions to make our dream home so beautiful. Thanks to you and your entire team. – Dr. Manish Joshi & Dr. Neha Joshi

Deepali ji, it was really a good experience. I & Anand feel more comfortable when choosing you all guys as a team. Thank you all to make my dream come true. Best regards.
– Ms. Naina Anand Panchal

There is no place like home. When you need a perfect home, a place, where you find peace and happiness, comfort and relaxation, where each member of your family will have their own space, expressing their interests and suiting their needs - there is only on place you should go and one team you should turn to - KDA.
They are innovative, creative, very professional, punctual, committed and hard working peaople, whose ideas are going to change your life.
Home is, where your heart is. KDA team puts their hearts into work to design and make your home a perfect space to live and be happy.
Thank you so much KDA!
– Ms. Magdalena Samvatsar

KDA'a association goes with us started 14 years ago when Deepali designed our house in Bangalore. The journey of designing our house was such a wonderful experience that at the end of the exercise we not only had our dream house but we where left with an experience of being an architect ourself. The house that was created 14 years ago was futuristic in design and is relevant even today. Having done that we engaged KDA for the expansion of our house and to renovate it again, and the result was an opportunity to participate in another creative journey, resulting in a house that enthralls everyone the moment they enter. The secret of this outcome that i learnt was, give Deepali the requirement and trust her to create the result for you. It's similar to praying to God and trusting he will take care of you. Every guest whowalks into our house has a lot to talk about the experience of the house and see dream for themselves. Thank you KDA team for creating a dream and make it come true for all of us in the family. We are deeply indebted to the value that got created.
– S.K. Rao

We had a dream of creating a unique office setup which looks spacious open and welcoming. We wanted it to be modern but also simple and easy to maintain. We thank KDA team for realizing our dream. They not only understood our vision but became a part of it. Keep up the good work. Our best wishes for all your future endeavors.
– Nidhi Agarwal

It was a great pleasure working with them, they has solution based service, so i am very happy & they had never said no to my requirements, always they have been positive & they have given right solutions to the work.
– Ms. Dipal Prajapati

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